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Why enroll in Camp Chroma?

As a pianist teaches students the art/science of music, Lori teaches her students the art/science of color. As an experienced color strategist her lessons, handouts, and exercises are invaluable. I’ve learned so much from this introductory course and cannot wait for the next one! Thanks, Lori!! ~Michael Foster

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The Color Training You Must Have in Order to Monetize Your Passion for Color


Who Are You?

Architect, Architectural Color Consultant, Interior Designer or Decorator, Home Stager, Painter, Paint Store Pro, Contractor?

Do you worry that your color training is outdated and your competition is already leveraging the most modern and cutting-edge color strategies but you don’t know where to begin to catch up?

Geat news is you can stop worrying right now – I got you!

Your experience with color may range from having a love for color from a young age to having worked in a field where you were paid for your color capabilities.

Whatever your fears or experience with color, the reality is if you want to turn color into a revenue stream, then you have to leverage the professional INTERNATIONAL COLOR SYSTEMS that global industries who are in the business of color leverage. Otherwise, you will needlessly struggle with the latest in color tech and struggle to monetize your passion for color.

There’s Good News

The good news is Camp Chroma will put on the fast track to your goals. What you learn in 8 weeks would take you years of dedicated research and effort to discover on your own.

Already have color processes and methods that you think are working fine? I guarantee you can streamline and improve your color workflow loop in ways you can’t imagine because you simply don’t know what you don’t know.

Get Serious

Shuffling through swatches and color samples looking for the right color is a major time suck. We’ve all done it. If we’re honest about it, it is kind of fun playing with color like that – and it’s fine if you have time to spare. But you can’t afford to play around with color that way – shuffling through stacks of color chips and whatnot – if you are truly serious about making color services a part of your business plan.

If you’re done playing around and are ready to get serious about taking your color skills to an extraordinary level, then Camp Chroma is for you.

Choose Ultraordinary

A Fresh Perspective on Color

I have been hanging out at Camp Chroma this summer and discovered what everyone out there is calling an undertone is really an overtone. And it is measurable, not subjective. My eyes have been opened! ~ Terri Lind Davis


read on for all the juicy details


LRV Guru App – iOS only



Color Muse



Color Strategist Color Wheel

The Color Strategist Color Wheel


Color Notations Fandeck

bonus-4-affinity-fandeck with notations

Why take your color knowledge to the next level NOW?

Be Color Confident!

Imagine feeling so confident in your color know-how that you could talk about color with anyone, any time, any place. No need to memorize some silly script or fear a client will go off topic and ask color questions you haven’t rehearsed. At Camp Chroma you will learn key fundamentals of colorimetry so you can craft a rock-solid Color Point of View that’s prepared to tackle any color conundrum.

Be Color Tool Tech Savvy!

Imagine understanding how color apps and modern color tools work and using that know-how to streamline your color process. For example, have you ever wanted to create a portable palette of paint chips and tried to match fabrics or an existing wall color to a fandeck? Clumsy and not very accurate, right? At Camp Chroma, I show you a better way to work – you don’t have to just ‘eyeball’ it!

Be Ultraordinary!

Speak Color Fluently!

Imagine having the vocabulary to clearly articulate your color vision to your architect, your clients, your painter, your builder or contractor, your significant other. You might know the right color as soon as you see it, but sometimes you have to explain to others WHY it’s the right color. At Camp Chroma, I teach you how to use spectral data to demonstrate why your color decisions are correct.

Turn Passion Into Expertise!

Imagine doing this for YOURSELF. It’s your time to finally satisfy your curiosity and do something you’ve always wanted to do – learn how color works. You can join other campers to talk color on our private Facebook page. Best of all, Camp Chroma courses are conveniently delivered to your inbox. You complete them at your own pace. No travel hassle or expenses.

Color Strategist

Course 1

Intro to Colorimetry & Spectral Data

Colorimetry is the science and technology used to quantify and describe physically how we see color.

Choose Ultraordinary

Real Color Science in Digestible Bites

I’ve been very fortunate to have had two extraordinary color mentors with very different points of view. The first, way back in the 1980’s, was Joanne C. Day of the Day Studio-Workshop in San Francisco, a school for decorative painters. From Joanne, I learned basic design and color theory and how to mix paint and glazes using Benjamin Moore paints, Cal-Tints, Japan paints and chemicals to create extraordinary finishes using a wide variety of materials, tools, and techniques.

But there remained huge gaps in my knowledge of color that I kept trying unsuccessfully to fill, until one day I found Lori Sawaya and the Land of Color. I read everything. More than once. But it didn’t all come together until Lori created Camp Chroma and I was able to systematically learn the basics of real color science in digestible bites and apply that knowledge to my work. Lori has a gift for teaching and a no-fault, encouraging approach. She explains things clearly and is patient and good-humored. It does take a little work for everything to click, but when it does, the feeling of confidence you have in your color recommendations is well worth the effort to acquire it.

I highly recommend Lori Sawaya and Camp Chroma Online Color Training and look forward to continuing my studies as future modules become available.

~Sandy LeRoy

Online Color Training


No Hotels • No Airport Security • No Expensive Plane Tickets • No New Wardrobe

Earn Color Strategist Credentials From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Bonus #1

LRV Guru App – iOS only

Scan color with your Color Muse (Bonus #2)

Get LRV and Calculate Contrast

$10 Value

free download from iTunes

Color Training How to measure LRVHow to measure LRVThe LRV Guru app assists with calculating color contrast ratios.  It does the math for you.  Scan samples with your Color Muse (Bonus #2) or enter manufacturer LRV data. LRV is an acronym that stands for Light Reflectance Value.  LRV is a measurement that tells you how much light a color reflects and conversely how much it absorbs. LRV runs on a scale from 0% black to 100% white.

Bonus #2

The Color Muse Hand-Held Colorimeter

$59 Value

color consultant training

Use Color Muse in tandem with the

Color Strategist Wheel (Bonus #3)

to scan colors

read LCh° values, and

instantly know hue family, value, and chroma!

Ever wondered why you can’t see the undertones?

Undertones are subjective – just someone else’s opinion.

LCh° values are 100% accurate and objective!

No visual color gymnastics required.

Learn how to instantly know hue family, value, and chroma!

How to Use Color Muse to Find Hue Family

Screen capture of the Color Muse app featuring amazingly powerful LCh° values!

literally takes seconds to scan a color and get a read-out of

hue family, value, and chroma

The Color Muse device + app is the latest color scanning technology that allows you to scan smooth or textured surfaces – and you get one FREE when you enroll in Camp Chroma.

Know how to read these?

Color Training as easy as reading a clock-thermometer-compass

The Color Strategist Color Wheel is as clear and easy to use as a clock, thermometer or a compass!

You will use this AMAZING color tool to identify a color’s hue family and overtones within seconds!

. . .without ever touching a paint chip!


Bonus #3

The Color Strategist Color Wheel

Designed by your trainer, Lori Sawaya


The Key to Ultraordinary Color Expertise!


Based on Internationally Recognized Standards and Color Systems


Unlike erratic undertones, a hue family notation is not just someone subjectively guessing about what they think they see in a color.

When we have objective and consistent hue family notations, we can plot colors on a color wheel. It literally draws a picture for us so we can see how the colors compare in terms of hue family and overtones. Overtones are different from undertones and you’ll learn how they are different early in this color training.

I use this color wheel every day in my architectural color design business. Without it, I’d never be able to handle a volume of color work. I’d be stuck flipping through fandecks or stacks of painted samples – who has time for that?

The inside of the color wheel is comprised of ten hue families based on the well-known color system and library by Albert H. Munsell. Sections of the hue families are depicted with spokes and they progress around the circle in spectral order, like a rainbow.

A circle of 360 degrees is on the outside. This portion of the color wheel corresponds with a color space called CIE LCh. The CIE LCh color space is recognized by the International Commission on Illumination (usually abbreviated CIE for its French name, Commission internationale de l’éclairage). The CIE is the international authority on light, illumination, color, and color spaces.

In this Color Training program you’ll learn all about the Munsell Color System, the International Commission on Illumination and how both are critical to every global industry whose business involves color specification. Most importantly you’ll learn how and why both are critical to YOUR color business.

There’s a lot more than that in Camp Chroma  – here’s an overview of the color systems and spaces we explore:


You have seen images like these online many times, right? Wouldn’t you like to know what they are and how it all works?

Munsell Color System

Color Training Munsell Color System

The Master Palette


Learn How To Use The Master Palette at Camp Chroma

NCS Natural Color System



Pantone Matching System

  Pantone Br idge Set


Think this stuff is over your head? Trust me when I tell you it is NOT. Camp Chroma breaks all the complex concepts down into manageable nuggets of usable color knowledge.


The Human Gamut of Color

CIE L*a*b*


CIE L*C*h°

 cie lch diagram camp chroma

Bonus #4

Benjamin Moore Affinity Fandeck

with Munsell Notation Stickers

$70 Value

Chroma Clinic Exercise – Reorder Affinity Collection by Hue Family

Benjamin Moore Affinity Fandeck
Benjamin Moore Munsell Notations

Choose Ultraordinary

The Logic of Color Theory

I am very pleased I took the Camp Chroma course. Lori explains color theory in a logical way and does not give up until you understand it. I look forward to the next class. ~Old House Guy, LLC

Fantastic Job!

Thanks so much, Lori. You’ve done a FANTASTIC job. I’ve really learned a great deal. I am most grateful. ~Michael Foster


click on tabs

Lesson 1 – Orientation

  • Welcome!
  • Navigating the Course Portal

Lesson 2 – Intro to Colorimetry & Spectral Data

  • Colorimetry Defined
  • Spectral Reflectance Curve
  • Raw Spectra Breakdown
  • Psycho / Psychophysical Descriptions of Color
  • Difference between Grayscale and Light Reflectance Value
  • About the D65 Illuminant
  • Illumiance vs. Luminance
  • Benefits of Color Notations
  • #Balance – It’s the Art and Science
  • Colorimetry vs. Color Theory
  • Color Models • Color Spaces • Color Systems
  • Why Colorimetry & Spectral Data Applies to Your Workflow

Lesson 3 – Clarifying Color Terms

  • Masstone
  • Midtone Density
  • Undertone
  • Overtone
  • Indeterminate Color Attributes
  • Determinate Color Attributes
  • Download Glossary
  • Download I Spy Overtones Exercise

Lesson 4 – All About Color Notations

  • Notation Definition
  • Notation Components
  • Hue Review
  • Chroma Review
  • Value Review
  • LRV Review
  • Psycho / Psychophysical Deep Dive

Lesson 5 – Color Spaces Overview

  • L5a CIE XYZ
  • L5b CIE L*a*b*
  • L5c CIE L*C*h°
  • L5d ProPhoto • RGB • sRGB
  • L5e CMYK
  • L5f Color Spaces Roll-up Overview

Lesson 6 – Color Systems Overview

  • 6a Munsell Color Order System
  • 6b Acoat Codification System (ACC) & The Master Palette
  • 6R Review – The Top Three
  • 6c Natural Color System (NCS)
  • 6d Pantone Matching System (PMS)

Lesson 7 – Bringing It Together – The Skills

  • 7a Tools of the Trade • Munsell Hue/Value/Chroma Conversion Software
  • 7b Tools of the Trade • How to Use Color Muse and NIX Sensor

Lesson 8 – Virtual Color Consultations

  • Software for Digital Painting (PC and Mac)
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Pricing Structure
  1. You will have access to our private Facebook community.
  2. Benjamin Moore is providing each Camper an Affinity fandeck. Shipped to you shortly after course registration.
Camp Chroma


Why is this color training only $647?

It’s only $647 because you’re not paying to cover overhead associated with conducting live workshops. By participating virtually, 100% of your investment is paying to transform your passion for color into a lucrative business that you love.

How can I learn about color online when color looks so different on a monitor vs. in real life?

That’s the whole point of Camp Chroma – you don’t HAVE to be a slave to swatches.

Colorimetry strives to QUANTIFY the way humans experience color. Quantify as in numbers. Albert Munsell created one of, if not THE most, amazing color systems ever. His inspiration was musical notes. He was fascinated by how one could read musical notes and “hear” the music in their head without any audible notes being played.

Munsell was convinced the same could be done with color – today we have the Munsell Color Order System that proves he was right. Once you know how to leverage digital, quantified color notations, you’ll discover easier, faster and more accurate ways of working with color. You learn quickly that you can save the chips for last.

P.S. Color notations are how every industry that has color critical production does business. Whether it’s across the country or across the world, color-centric businesses rely on the science of color measurement.

Who should take this color training?

The beauty of colorimetry is you don’t have to have a “flair for color”. Color notations are incredibly helpful to those who haven’t had much luck getting color to do what they wanted it to do.

If you do have a special gift with color, you will soon realize that colorimetry is a wonderfully supportive framework for your talented, creative eye.

Everyone from color enthusiasts to professionals that work with color every day. Camp Chroma is for the passionately curious about color. Curiosity about how color works is the only prerequisite.

Camp Chroma is about transforming complicated color concepts into easy to understand nuggets of information. The goal is user-friendly.

Homeowners who want to DIY their own color design will benefit greatly from taking the Camp Chroma course because we break complicated color concepts down into plain English. And since colorimetry is the science of color measurement, there’s no confusing double-talk.

Do I have to know all the color jargon and technical terms?

What you need to know is we don’t use abnormal or super confusing color jargon. The way we define and apply color terminology aligns with the everyday dictionary as well as other color-focused industries; like architectural color consulting, lighting, architecture, fine arts, colorimetry, industrial, and graphic design. They all share a similar – and generally familiar- color vocabulary. A vocabulary with standard definitions. Emphasis on standard because without consistency, it’s impossible to communicate color concepts globally.

What that means is the foundation of universal color knowledge you build at Camp Chroma will enable you to work globally and multi-functionally if you want or need to.

How will I benefit from this color training?

For starters, no more guessing about:

• how to match a wall color when the can/label is long gone
• what paint chip matches a fabric swatch
• undertones
• which color is lighter or darker
• which color is brighter or duller
• what a color is suppose to look like in daylight
• and more

In addition, since Camp Chroma draws from classic, established color theories and systems, you’ll learn a lot about the trade of architectural color consulting. You’ll leave with a refined color point of view and color sense.

What transformation will I get from this color training?

To stay competitive and relevant, you have to keep crafting your craft. Camp Chroma will give you a whole new outlook on color. You will discover that knowing how to use spectral data is a wonderfully supportive framework for your subjective, creative opinion. #colorlikeaboss

What tools or supplies will I need for this course?

None. We will send you a Benjamin Moore Affinity fandeck with the bolt already cut so you can easily reorder the chips.

There is a lesson on how to use two hand-held colorimeters, Color Muse and NIX, but you don’t have to purchase one. After the lesson and you see what they are and how to use them, you might choose to purchase. But you certainly don’t have to for the course.

Are course materials printed?

Course materials like infographics, cheat sheets, worksheets and basic content have been created so they are printable on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. And you can replay any video content.

Is this a certification program?

Yes. Upon completion of Course 1, you will receive a certificate of completion and a “Certified Color Strategist” badge to display on your website, blog, and social media.  The badge will have one star to indicate successful completion of Course 1.



What are the course dates?

If you signed up during a special promotion, you will be notified of your start date.

Otherwise, we start new students every Monday. So, whenever you enroll, you’re a just a few days away from turning your passion for color into a business you love.

Where do I login to take the color training?

Go to to login in. Click on Course 1 to get started. We email login username and temporary passwords on Sundays.

How long does it take to complete each lesson?

Anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. Lessons 6 and 7 are the longest.

How do I get answers to my questions?

Just post your question on Camp Chroma’s Private Facebook group. In order for me to add you to the group, we have to be connected on Facebook. So, on Facebook look for a Friend Request from me sometime before you are scheduled to start the course and an invitation to the group will follow shortly after we connect.

Camp Chroma

About Your Trainer


Who me? (some background info)

Ultraordinary color expertise and graphic design acumen are my super powers.

I love to take super technical color concepts and reduce them down into usable nuggets for you. My Camp Chroma Online Color Training students are able to grasp highly technical curriculum because I am able to show them AND tell them – I literally draw them pictures of how color works. Colorimetry has never been this much fun!


• Creator of Camp Chroma™ Online Color Training
• Certified Architectural Color Consultant
• Recognized Authority on Color Order Systems
• Noted Expert on LRV (Light Reflectance Value)
• App Designer of LRV Guru™
• Inventor of SwatchRight™ Paint-Peel-and-Stick color sample decal
• Author of “Color Secrets Unlocked” Series
• Color Designer of the “Color Legends” palette including Haint Blue
• VP and Website Chair for the *IACC-NA 2011-2013
• Founder of Twitter #ColorChat
• Admin/owner of Color & Paint Pro’s Group on LinkedIN

Color Strategist and *IACC-NA certified color expert specializing in architectural color consultation, color order systems, and colorimetry. Favorite color systems are Munsell, NCS, and The Master Palette found at The Home Depot.

*IACC-NA – International Association of Color Consultants and Designers North America
Camp Chroma

Choose Ultraordinary!

Camp Chroma Course 1 – Intro to Colorimetry and Spectral Data starts NOW. Once you click the PayPal button, you’ll be taken to our secure PayPal checkout. After your payment is complete, you’ll be sent an email receipt. Then, your login information will be sent to the email you provide during PayPal payment about 24 hours before your designated course start time.

If you enrolled during a special promotion, you’ll receive information on your start date shortly. Otherwise, we start color training for new students on Mondays and you’ll receive a new lesson every Monday thereafter for a total of 8 weeks.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side in Camp Chroma!



Lori Sawaya

Camp Chroma



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