I am very pleased I took the Camp Chroma course. Lori explains color theory in a logical way and does not give up until you understand it. I look forward to the next class. ~Old House Guy, LLC

Color Theory – Logically

I’ve been very fortunate to have had two extraordinary color mentors with very different points of view. The first, way back in the 1980’s, was Joanne C. Day of the Day Studio-Workshop in San Francisco, a school for decorative painters. From Joanne I learned basic design and color theory and how to mix paint and glazes using Benjamin Moore paints, Cal-Tints, Japan paints and chemicals to create extraordinary finishes using a wide variety of materials, tools and techniques.

But there remained huge gaps in my knowledge of color that I kept trying unsuccessfully to fill, until one day I found Lori Sawaya and the Land of Color. I read everything. More than once. But it didn’t all come together until Lori created Camp Chroma and I was able to systematically learn the basics of real color science in digestible bites and apply that knowledge to my work. Lori has a gift for teaching and a no-fault, encouraging approach. She explains things clearly and is patient and good-humored. It does take a little work for everything to click, but when it does, the feeling of confidence you have in your color recommendations is well worth the effort to acquire it.

I highly recommend Lori Sawaya and Camp Chroma and look forward to continuing my studies as future modules become available.

Sandy LeRoy

Real Color Science in Digestible Bites

As a pianist teaches students the art/science of music, Lori teaches her students the art/science of color. As an experienced color strategist her lessons, handouts, and exercises are invaluable. I’ve learned so much from this introductory course and cannot wait for the next one! Thanks, Lori!! ~Michael Foster

I’ve learned so much

“I have been hanging out at Camp Chroma this summer and discovered what everyone out there is calling an undertone is really an overtone. And it is measurable, not subjective. My eyes have been opened!” ~ Terri Lind Davis read more

My Eyes Have Been Opened!

“Thanks so much, Lori. You’ve done a FANTASTIC job. I’ve really learned a great deal. I am most grateful.” ~Camper Michael read more

Learned a Great Deal!