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Get Color Right™

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Perfect for:

Home Stagers | Color Consultants | Interior Designers and Decorators | eDesigners | Painters | Contractors | Paint Store Pros

Why Is Color So Confusing?

You’ve read the articles, bought the color kits, and maybe invested in a Color Muse… but you still can’t figure color out. Your eyes start glazing over when you read the technical jargon, and the stuff you read on blogs isn’t doing the trick.

The information out there is overwhelming, confusing, inconsistent, totally subjective, or just plain WRONG. Now you’re starting to wonder if there even is one color system to explain how color works (or is everybody just making it up…?).

You’re a professional, so you should “get” color and get color right™… but what choice do you have?

What you really need is a basic, evidence-based approach to color that allows you to design, use, and explain color.

But does one exist?

Here’s the good news: There IS a way to think about color that gives you the expertise and framework you’ve been looking for to confidently design color schemes… and it’s not just for scientists!


The Four Pillars of Color

an online, on demand color training program that puts YOU in the expert’s seat!

“Anyone who is wondering about this course…don’t wait, just do it. Gives you a much better understanding of colour!”

Shelley Gartside

Interior Designer / Color Consultant

Transform Your Color Knowledge

...From Designer to Expert.

...From Average to Extraordinary.

The 4 Pillars of Color from Camp Chroma is an insightful mix of hands-on exercises and active learning using real-life materials and paint colors… all designed to make YOU the expert!

Here's How It Works​

Camp Chroma’s 4 Pillars of Color is the only color training program that teaches both the art and science of color.

Developed by Certified Color Strategist Lori Sawaya, it’s the only course that explains the science of color in easy to understand chunks and shows you how to practically apply a science-based approach to color to make your design business more efficient and profitable.

You’ll master the same color system that paint manufacturers and other industries use to make and manage their product. Once you understand that system, you’ll achieve an elite level of color expertise that will differentiate you in your market!

The 4 Pillars of Color includes lifetime access to:

...Plus these exclusive bonuses delivered right to your door!

Camp Chroma Color Muse

Color Muse - Ultra Portable Color Measurement Device​

Mini-Kolormondo Camp Chroma

Kolormondo - 3D Color Space Puzzle

The Color Strategist Color Wheel by Lori Sawaya

The Color Strategist Color Wheel 5” stickers (set of 3)

Benjamin Moore Affinity Fandeck

TOTAL Value: $2500

“I’ve found this course, and Lori’s continued info/support to be a HUGE value to my expertise. Her course is the best money I’ve spent on Color!”

Kris Porter

Creative Director & Master Trainer Styling & Staging

The Camp Chroma Difference

If you're serious about color, you're in the right place.

Lori Sawaya Color Strategist

Hello! I’m Lori Sawaya.

Color and understanding how it works has always been my first passion. I get that color should be fun, creative, free — there should be a sense of abandon and whimsy and playfulness in your creative zone. But at the same time, as a professional you need a system to quantify how you see and experience color. 

An objective, evidence-based system is how you’ll be able confidently explain color and your design ideas in simple terms, as well as back up your recommendations… because they’re based on science, not on preference!

Categorizing color by hue family is the cornerstone of what we do in Camp Chroma. Color conundrums become instantly manageable if you understand that every single color, even near neutrals, belongs to a hue family.

Camp Chroma stands out from the crowd because the principles of classic color order systems, like Munsell, and the science of color measurement called colorimetry are its foundation.

But don’t get intimidated by jargon; at Camp Chroma, we’ll break it down so it’s simple, understandable, and easy to put to use.

Your course materials are totally online and on demand, with exclusive bonuses delivered right to your door.

“I had an opportunity to use Color DNA to specify a color before I had even finished the course! Generally, I only specify color if I’m standing in the actual space and can see how the color will behave. However, if a color just needs tweaking (and sure enough, the client had already tried darkening the paint formula only to find that it went flat), this course shows you how to use color notations to choose lighter/darker/more chromatic options for a client to test right away. A valuable tool in a color designer’s toolbox!”

Ellen Divers

Interior Designer / Color Consultant / IACC-NA Chairperson

Here's What You Get

Here at Camp Chroma, we refer to the psychophysical dimensions of color and LRV as The Four Pillars of Color™. You’ll be led, step-by-step, through understanding the framework of hue, value, chroma, and LRV so you’ll finally understand color data values — what we call Color DNA. 

The result: No more guessing, shuffling aimlessly through paint chips and fandecks, no confusion. Just color confidence from knowing you are able to use color with intention and purpose!

...Plus these exclusive bonuses delivered right to your door!

Camp Chroma Color Muse

Color Muse - Ultra Portable Color Measurement Device​

Mini-Kolormondo Camp Chroma

Kolormondo - 3D Color Space Puzzle

The Color Strategist Color Wheel by Lori Sawaya

The Color Strategist Color Wheel 5-inch stickers (set of 3)

Benjamin Moore Affinity Fandeck

Extraordinary Color Experience!

“Lori’s approach to specifying & explaining color is direct & evidence based. Her depth of knowledge is only matched by her generous, spirited drive, to provide color information of the highest quality and an extraordinary ability to share it with others.

If you have made it this far to find Lori – you are in for an extraordinary color experience.”

Colette Harrison

Designer / Color Consultant

I've Learned So Much From This Course!

“As a pianist teaches students the art/science of music, Lori teaches her students the art/science of color. As an experienced color strategist, her lessons, handouts and exercises are invaluable.

I’ve learned so much from this course and cannot wait for the next one! Thanks so much, Lori. You’ve done a Fantastic job. I’ve learned a great deal and am so grateful”

Michael Foster

Interior Designer

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Terms & Conditions Apply

Finally, a color training program that uses the scientific method of explaining how color works!

“As a design professional, I was truly impressed with the color training I received from Lori Sawaya of Camp Chroma. This was my third training on color.

Finally, a color training program that uses the scientific method of explaining how color works based on an established color system that skips all the subjective talk about undertones that leaves everyone feeling confused.

Color is complex and this training finally explains color data so you can make informed decisions based on the science, rather than on subjective opinion or color sense.

Lori is also a great and generous teacher who provides continuing support through her Facebook group page and ongoing group calls. I am confident now that I can bring a whole new level of expertise to help my clients select great color for their homes thanks to this training. Highly recommended!”

Mary Ann Benoit

Northern Lights Home Staging and Design


This course is designed specifically for professionals, including:

  • Architectural Color Consultants
  • Home Stagers
  • Interior Designers and Decorators
  • Contractors & Industry Trades
  • Painters
  • Decorative Artists
  • Window Fashion Professionals
  • Professional Organizers
  • Paint Store Pros

While fine artists and hobbyists will gain a ton of insight and are most welcome, the 4 Pillars of Color is a professional-level course.

You will need to know:
1. How to download programs on to your computer/lap top.
2. How to use Excel or Google Sheets. One of the hand-outs is an Excel spreadsheet. You can import it in to Google Sheets if you don’t have Excel.

Yes! The Four Pillars of Color Course is perfect for eDesigners because when you know how to use color systems and notations, you don’t have to be standing in your client’s house next to your client shuffling through paint chips and memos.

Lori started her online color consulting business in 2004. She has years of experience doing eColor Design and developed special strategies to specify color online. That experience is baked into The Four Pillars of Color course so you’ll build the foundation you need to specify color, materials, and finishes online.

YES! You will learn how to use the 4 pillars of color: hue, value, chroma, and LRV as a framework to figure out what colors go together. This framework maps out refined levels of color harmony you (probably) never would have thought of on your own. This framework is especially useful for neutrals. The result you can expect is polished and professional color combinations.

Camp Chroma’s 4 Pillars of Color is the only color training program that teaches both the art and science of color. Lori is the only one who can explain the science in easy to understand chunks and show you how to practically apply a science-based approach to color to make your design business more efficient and profitable.

Absolutely not. What you’re about to learn in this course applies to all paint brands and products. You are not limited to hand-coding or rearranging paint fandecks.

It doesn’t matter if paint color collections come and go or if fandecks are updated. When you know how color really works, color tools like fandecks are just details.

The proven, peer-reviewed color systems you learn about in this course are used by every industry you can name across the globe to make and manage product – location is irrelevant. You’ll learn how they do it and how YOU can leverage the same science and systems.

For over a year, we researched the best teaching methods for an online classroom and used those tactics to customize our courses to accommodate different learning styles. We deliver our content with video, transcripts, and visual presentations.

We built Camp Chroma in 2016 with the mission to be THE premier online color training platform. We didn’t rework live workshops and try to make them fit an online format as a plan B because of Covid-19.

Nope. As long as you can do basic addition and subtraction you’re good and you won’t be doing much of that either.

The color science stuff looks super science-y and complicated from the outside. Taking this course will make you an insider. Color science insiders know you don’t have to do a bunch of color math; you just need someone to show you what to do with the results.
It just so happens we’re really good at teaching people the science side of color and how to practically apply the results of color math.

No. Wet ingredients dry. Which is why we focus on managing color in its fully cured and dry state – because that’s what we end up living with. Dealing with the complicated chemistry of colorants and bases is what the pros at the paint stores do best and we teach you how to get the most out of the services they offer.

Your exclusive Camp Chroma Course Kit will be shipped the next business day after you sign up. If you are in the United States, it will arrive in 3 to 5 business days via USPS. International shipping times vary but on average it takes about 10 to 14 days. We’ll send tracking info if requested.

If you opt for the one-time payment, you’ll be prompted to follow the steps to set up your account and you’ll get immediate access.

If you choose installments, we have to enroll you manually. We get new accounts set up within 24 hours.

We send everyone a “Welcome Email” with login info and how to join our private discussion forum.

As an added bonus, you get access to a private discussion forum just for Camp Chroma students AND graduates. It’s the perfect place to talk color with fellow Campers and Lori personally checks in at least once per day.

We offer a very generous 30-day money back guarantee. We like to brag about the fact that no one has ever asked for a refund. But if it should happen, we will issue a refund minus the cost of the Color Muse and Kolormondo that’s included in the course kit we ship to each student.

Absolutely! Color is truly a universal language. If you live outside the United States, shipping will be an additional $40, payable at checkout. 

In a nutshell…. a simple way to organize and manage color in your head. You learn the best color system ever invented to expertly define, describe, manage and control color.

The Legal Stuff


What I know for sure is basic color science democratizes color.

Whether you have an abundance of color mojo or none at all, this course is a game-changer.

Anybody can learn how color really works.

Because I am a Color Expert, I’m able to break color down into manageable steps and make the “fancy” color terms easy for everyone to understand.


No promises or guarantees are express or intended.

The results you get are entirely dependent on your personal commitment and efforts to complete the online color training course(s), your experience, resources, and other factors.

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