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Hue family notations can be traced back to spectral data/color data values – it’s like a color’s DNA. Unlike confusing and erratic undertones, a hue family notation is not just someone guessing about what a color looks like.

When we have objective hue family notations, we can plot colors on a color wheel.

It literally draws a picture for us of what colors go together so we can see how colors compare in terms of hue family and overtones. Overtones are different from undertones and you’ll learn how they are different early in this color training.

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Color Pro or Color Enthusiast – Want to take your color knowledge to the next level?

In Camp Chroma, you will learn how to use this color wheel and so much more. For example:

  • Accurately Identify a Color’s Hue Family within Seconds
  • Fearlessly Use Hue Family to Create Color Schemes – Including Whites and Near Neutrals
  • Proficiently Manage the Effects of Light on Color – Strategies for Color Shift – Special Bonuses Included
  • Skillfully Combine Different Colors of White
  • Creatively Make Unfortunate Color Choices Less Noticeable
  • Expertly Fine Tune Color – Use The Four Pillars of Color to Find the Colors You Want – FAST
  • Confidently Conduct Virtual Color Consultations

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