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Camp Chroma is where you learn how color works so you can get the professional color design results you want.

Because it’s only logical that the simple, straight forward color systems that are used to make color are the same systems we use for specifying color.

No Visual Gymnastics Required!

The color system you’re about to learn is so easy to understand you can start using the results from your training immediately.

I’ve invested years learning and testing theories about how color really works. I’ve distilled my 20 years of color expertise down into The Four Pillars of Color Course to put you on a fast-track to confident color know-how.

"Best course and best Instructor I’ve had in my 27 years in business."
Gail Mayhugh
Interior Designer / Color Consultant

You take measurements for everything else in the design plan like window treatments and furniture so why aren’t you measuring color too?

Quantifying how we perceive color sounds like it would be complicated but it’s not. If you can read a clock, then you can read a color notation. This isn’t about color theory, doing math or knowing chemistry. It’s about professional processes – a repeatable framework and proven system to specify color.

What if I’m an eDesigner? 

The Four Pillars of Color Course is perfect for eDesigners because when you know how to use color systems and notations, you don’t have to be standing in your client’s house next to your client shuffling through paint chips and memos. I started my online color consulting business in 2004. I’ve been doing eColor Design for 15 years and developed special strategies to specify color online. In The Four Pillars of Color course, you’ll build the foundation you need to specify color, materials and finishes online.

"Anyone who is wondering about this course...don’t wait, just do it. Gives you a much better understanding of colour!"

An insightful mix of hands-on exercises and active learning using real-life materials and paint colors.

Because our art AND science based curriculum is the framework for the hands-on exercises and active learning. Everything you learn is crucial for solving real-life color design challenges.

Camp Chroma is an online, on demand color training program. 24/7 Lifetime Access

When you’re a Color Strategist, people expect you to know more about color than the average hobbyist artist, designer, or consultant.

In this course you build the foundational knowledge you need but I take it a step further and show you how these concepts have practical application in your business. Camp Chroma is different from what every other color training program has ever had to offer.

"I had an opportunity to use *Color DNA to specify a color before I had even finished the course! Generally, I only specify color if I’m standing in the actual space and can see how the color will behave. However, if a color just needs tweaking (and sure enough, the client had already tried darkening the paint formula only to find that it went flat), this course shows you how to use color notations to choose lighter/darker/more chromatic options for a client to test right away. A valuable tool in a color designer’s toolbox!"
Ellen Divers
Interior Designer / Color Consultant / IACC-NA Chairperson

Ongoing Support

Each Lesson includes a video with downloadable, printable Transcript.

The course has been specially designed for online learning and to accommodate different learning styles. You’ll enjoy hundreds of colorful, custom images that illustrate all the color concepts you’ll be learning.

The slides are available to download and print as well.

Last but not least, when you enroll you get access to our private Facebook Group Community where you can ask questions and get help.

EVERYTHING NEEDED FOR THE COURSE IS INCLUDED! Your Camp Chroma Course Kit ships upon enrollment.

+$40 Shipping for Locations Outside the U.S.

Camp Chroma Course Kit

Camp Chroma Color MuseBONUS #1 




Evidence-Based Approach to Color

Categorizing color by hue family is the cornerstone of what we do in Camp Chroma. Color conundrums become instantly manageable if you understand that every color belongs to a hue family. Every single color, every near neutral like white and gray, belongs to a hue family.

Camp Chroma stands out from the crowd because the principles of classic color order systems, like Munsell, and the science of color measurement called colorimetry are its foundation.

Munsell is my favorite color order system because it’s streamlined and powerful. In fact,

“Munsell is often considered, because of extensive documentations (some 3,000,000 colour judgments by 40 observers), as the standard against which other colour order systems can be compared.” Source – Colour Measurement: Principles, Advances and Industrial Applications, Edited by M. L. Gulrajani

"I’ve found this course, and Lori’s continued info/support, to be a HUGE value to my expertise. Her course is the best money I’ve spent on Color!"
Kris Porter
Creative Director and Master Trainer Styling and Staging

Your Camp Chroma


Go Deep

Video Lessons | Transcripts | PDFs

By the end of this program you will have mastery of the following:

Seven Practical Applications

Accurately Identify a Color’s Hue Family within Seconds

Fearlessly Use Hue Family to Create Color Schemes – Including Whites and Near Neutrals – Special Bonus “The Color of White” Module.

Proficiently Manage the Effects of Light on Color – Strategies for Color Shift – Special PDF Bonus Included

Skillfully Combine Different Colors of White

Creatively Make Unfortunate Color Choices Less Noticeable

Expertly Fine Tune Color – Use The Four Pillars of Color to Find the Colors You Want – FAST

Confidently Conduct Virtual Color Consultations

The Color Strategist Color Wheel is as clear and easy to use as a clock, thermometer or a compass!

You will use this AMAZING color tool to identify a color’s hue family and overtones within seconds!

. . .without ever touching a paint chip!


The Color Strategist Color Wheel

The World’s SMARTEST color tool and everyone should learn how to use it!

The Color Strategist Color Wheel

Many are shocked to learn that we can quantify how we see and experience color.

How Camp Chroma is Different – 100% Focus on Color

The true point of differentiation for Camp Chroma is that my job has always put color first. Color knowledge and expertise has always been #1.

I wasn’t an interior decorator first. I wasn’t a fine arts major first. I was a faux finisher first. I wasn’t a color trend forecaster first. I wasn’t in sales and marketing first. I wasn’t a home stager first.

…and THEN decided to create a color course as an afterthought.


Color and understanding how it works has always been first for me.

And that is a big factor in what makes my color program the best and remarkably different from all the other color courses you have to choose from.

What Makes Camp Chroma Special – Immersive Deep Dives into Color

If you’re serious about color, then you’re in the right place. You have found your color tribe.

Because when it comes to how color really works, I take color seriously too.

And it’s reflected in the quality of my curriculum and the best-in-class sources and references I used to create it.

I get that color should be fun, creative, free – there should be a sense of abandon and whimsy and playfulness in your creative zone.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of trainers out there who want to help you further develop your creativity and improve upon decorating skills. Not to mention all the business coaches and mentors promising to show you how to streamline your processes and make more money.

However, I am the only one who can take your technical understanding of color from designer to expert, average to extraordinary.

Camp Chroma is the ONLY color training resource of its kind.

One final note…

The course is online and on demand. Work at your own pace.

Once you register with your shipping address, we have everything we need to ship your kit.

I encourage you to take advantage of my office hours and the Facebook Group to stay connected.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side in Camp Chroma!



Lori Sawaya

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What I know for sure is anybody can learn how color really works.

Because I am a Color Expert, I’m able to break color down

into manageable steps and

make the “fancy” color terms easy

or everyone to understand.


Here’s the disclaimer part:

No promises or guarantees are express or intended.

The results you get are entirely dependent on your

personal commitment and efforts to

complete the online color training course(s), your experience,

resources, and other factors.

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