Color Board / Chip Replacement Labels

Color Board / Chip Replacement Labels


Is something not quite right? You may have taken a workshop where they’ve included “no fail” paint color cheat sheets or maybe they’ve sold separately a toolkit or collections of color boards. After using the boards or cheat sheets, you discovered that the static undertone categories they assigned to paint colors seem “off”. Or – you’ve taken several courses and got conflicting information about undertones. So who’s right? Answer is in the description.


Printable Color Notation Labels

2021 Update! MORE colors! You get notations for 369 paint colors. 259 Benjamin Moore and 110 Sherwin-Williams. Print the labels directly from the PDF file you download.

Printable Color Notation Labels

Labels for each color include: Hue Family, Value, Chroma, Hue Angle, LRV, Color Name, Number, Brand
Paint Color Boards

Purchase Separately

You’ll need 13 sheets of Avery 5160 address labels.

Color Board Labels

These labels are what you need to correct the misinformation you got with the cheat-sheets, pre-painted color boards or decals.


Hue Family Breakdown:

Blue – 16
Blue-Green – 14
Green – 17
Green-Yellow – 50
Purple – 3
Purple-Blue – 17
Red – 13
Red Purple – 3
Yellow – 192
Yellow-Red – 44

List of Colors Included:

Abalone BM 2108-60
Abingdon Putty BM HC-099
Adams Gold BM HC-18
Adobe Orange BM 2171-30
Alexandria Beige BM HC-077
Anchor Gray BM 2126-30
Apple Blossom BM 479
Ashland Slate BM 1608
Ashley Gray BM HC-087
Avalon BM CC-759
Balboa Mist BM OC-027
Ballet White BM OC-009
Barely Beige BM 1066
Beach Glass BM 1564
Beacon Gray BM 2128-60
Beacon Hill Damask BM HC-2
Bennington Gray BM HC-082
Bird’s Egg BM 2051-60
Bittersweet Chocolate BM 2114-10
Black Beauty BM 2128-10
Black Satin BM 2131-10
Bleeker Beige BM HC-080
Boardwalk BM 1102
Boothbay Gray BM HC-145
Bradstreet Beige BM HC-048
Brandon Beige BM 977
Brandy Cream BM OC-004
Buckhorn BM 987
Bunny Gray BM 2124-50
Burnt Ember BM CSP-120
Butter Milk BM CC-216
Cabot Trail BM 998
Caldwell Green BM HC-124
Caliente BM AF-290
Camel Back BM 1103
Camouflage BM 2143-40
Carbon Copy BM 2117-10
Carrington Beige BM HC-093
Cedar Key BM OC-016
Chantilly Lace BM OC-065
Chelsea Gray BM HC-168
Clarksville Gray BM HC-102
Classic Gray BM 1548
Clay Beige BM OC-011
Cloud Cover BM OC-025
Cloud White BM OC-130
Collingwood BM OC-028
Copley Gray BM HC-104
Cotton Balls BM OC-122
Coventry Gray BM HC-169
Cromwell Gray BM HC-103
Crownsville Gray BM HC-106
Dark Olive BM 2140-30
Davenport Tan BM HC-076
Decorator’s White BM OC-149
Decatur Buff BM HC-038
Delaware Putty BM 240
Dill Pickle BM 2147-40
Distant Gray BM OC-068
Dragonfly BM AF-510
Dragon’s Breath BM 1547
Dunmore Cream BM HC-029
Duxbury Gray BM HC-163
Earthly Russet BM 2173-10
Edgecomb Gray BM HC-173
Elephant Gray BM 2109-50
Elmira White BM HC-084
Essex Green BM HC-188
Fairview Taupe BM HC-085
Feather Down BM OC-006
Fernwood Green BM 2145-40
Fieldstone BM 1558
Fireball Orange BM 2170-10
Flint BM AF-560
Fossil BM AF-065
French Canvas BM OC-041
Gentleman’s Gray BM 2062-20
Georgian Green BM HC-115
Glass Slipper BM 1632
Golden Lab BM 178
Golden Retriever BM 2165-30
Gossamer Blue BM 2123-40
Granite BM AF-660
Grant Beige BM HC-083
Gray Cashmere BM 2138-60
Gray Mist BM OC-030
Gray Owl BM OC-052
Gray Sky BM 2131-70
Gray Wisp BM 1570
Guilford Green BM HC-116
Hale Navy BM HC-154
Halo BM OC-046
Hancock Green BM HC-117
Hawthorne Yellow BM HC-004
Hazy Skies BM OC-048
Healing Aloe BM 1562
Hodley Red BM HC-065
Honeybee BM CSP-950
Horizon BM OC-053
Iceberg BM 2122-50
Indian River BM 985
Indian White BM OC-088
Intense White BM OC-051
Iron Mountain BM 2134-30
Ivory Lustre BM 184
Ivory White BM 925
Jicama BM AF-315
Kendall Charcoal BM HC-166
Kensington Blue BM 840
Kingsport Gray BM HC-086
Kittery Point Green BM HC-119
Lady Finger BM 1045
Lancaster Whitewash BM HC-174
Late Wheat BM CC-240
Lazy Sunday BM 803
Lily Lavender BM 2071-60
Louisburg Green BM HC-113
Manchester Tan BM HC-081
Mannequin Cream BM OC-092
Marblehead Gold BM HC-011
Marilyn’s Dress BM 2125-60
Maritime White BM OC-005
Martha’s Vineyard BM 630
Mascarpone BM AF-020
Metro Gray BM 1459
Metropolis BM CC-546
Misty Blush BM 2097-60
Misty Memories BM 2118-60
Monroe Bisque BM HC-026
Monterey White BM HC-027
Mount Saint Anne BM 1565
Muslin BM 1037
Mystic Gold BM HC-037
Nantucket Gray BM HC-111
Natural Cream BM OC-014
Natural Elements BM 1515
Natural Linen BM 966
Natural Wicker BM OC-001
Navajo White BM OC-095
Newburg Green BM HC-158
Newburyport Blue BM HC-155
Night Train BM 1567
Nimbus BM 1465
November Rain BM OC-050
Odessa Pink BM HC-59
Old Prairie BM 2143-50
Onyx BM 2133-10
Overcoat BM CC-544
Oxford White BM 869
Pale Avocado BM 2146-40
Pale Oak BM OC-020
Pale Sea Mist BM 2147-50
Pale Smoke BM 1584
Palladian Blue BM HC-144
Papaya BM 957
Paris Rain BM 1501
Pashmina BM AF-100
Peale Green BM HC-121
Philadelphia Cream BM HC-030
Pink Pearl BM 2005-60
Portland Gray BM 2109-60
Powell Buff BM HC-035
Proposal BM AF-260
Providence Olive BM HC-098
Pure White BM OC-064
Puritan Gray BM HC-164
Quiet Moments BM 1563
Raisin Torte BM 2083-10
Raspberry Pudding BM 2004-30
Raspberry Truffle BM 2080-10
Rattan BM AF-375
Red Rock BM 2005-10
Revere Pewter BM HC-172
Richmond Gold BM HC-041
Rockport Gray BM HC-105
Rodeo BM 1534
Roxbury Caramel BM HC-042
Salsa Dancing BM AF-280
Sandy Brown BM 1046
Sandy Hook Gray BM HC-108
Sangria BM 2006-20
Saybrook Sage BM HC-114
Sea Haze BM 2137-50
Sea Salt BM CSP-95
Seapearl BM OC-019
Seashell BM OC-120
Shaker Beige BM HC-045
Shale BM 861
Shelburne Buff BM HC-028
Sherwood Green BM HC-118
Shoreline BM 1471
Silhouette BM AF-655
Silver Fox BM 2108-50
Silver Lake BM 1598
Simply White BM OC-117
Smoke BM 2122-40
Smoke Embers BM 1466
Smoky Green BM CC-700
Smoky Taupe BM 983
Snowfall White BM OC-118
Soft Chamois BM OC-013
Soft Fern BM 2144-40
Soleil BM AF-330
Spanish Olive BM 1509
Spanish White BM OC-035
Spanish White BM 943
Stampede BM 979
Standish White BM HC-032
Sterling BM 1591
Stone Hearth BM 985
Stone House BM 1039
Stonington Gray BM HC-170
Storm BM AF-700
Stormy Sky BM 1616
Stratton Blue BM HC-142
Straw BM 2154-50
Straw Hat BM CC-290
Strawberry Yogurt BM 2104-70
Stuart Gold BM HC-10
Subtle BM AF-310
Summer Blue BM 2067-50
Summer Harvest BM 206
Swiss Coffee BM OC-045
Tate Olive BM HC-112
Temptation BM 1609
Terra Mauve BM 105
Thunder BM AF-685
Timothy Straw BM 2149-40
Tissue Pink BM 1163
Titanium BM OC-049
Tranquility BM AF-490
Tweed Coat BM CSP-85
Van Alen Green BM HC-120
Van Courtland Blue BM HC-145
Van Deusen Blue BM HC-156
Vintage Wine BM 2116-20
Warmed Cognac BM AF-235
Waterfall BM 2050-50
Wedgewood Gray BM HC-146
Weimaraner BM AF-155
Weston Flax BM HC-005
Wheat Sheaf BM CC-220
Wheeling Neutral BM HC-092
Whispering Spring BM 2136-70
White Diamond BM OC-061
White Dove BM OC-017
White Down BM 970
Whitestone BM 2134-60
Wickham Gray BM HC-171
Wilmington Tan BM HC-034
Windham Cream BM HC-006
Winds Breath BM OC-024
Wispy Pink BM 2005-70
Woodland Hills Green BM 543
Woodlawn Blue BM HC-147
Woodmont Cream BM 204
Wrought Iron BM 2124-10
Wythe Blue BM HC-143
Yarmouth Blue BM HC-150

Accessible Beige SW 7036
Adaptive Shade SW 7053
Aesthetic White SW 7035
Agreeable Gray SW 7029
Alabaster SW 7008
Amazing Gray SW 7044
Anew Gray SW 7030
Antique White SW 6119
Argos SW 7065
Attitude Gray SW 7060
Believable Bluff SW 6120
Biltmore Buff SW 7691
Blonde SW 6128
Breezy SW 7616
Camelback SW 6122
Ceiling Bright White SW 7007
Colonnade Gray SW 7641
Comfort Gray SW 6205
Creamy SW 7012
Dover White SW 6385
Egret White SW 7570
Extra White SW 7006
Fawn Brindle SW 7640
Fenland SW 7544
Fleur De Sel SW 7666
Gauntlet Gray SW 7019
Gray Clouds SW 7658
Greek Villa SW 7551
Griffin SW 7026
Halcyon Green SW 6213
Hazel SW 6471
Herbal Wash SW 7739
High Reflective White SW 7757
Incredible White SW 7028
Intellectual Gray SW 7045
Interactive Cream SW 6113
Ivoire SW 6127
Jogging Path SW 7638
Keystone Gray SW 7504
Kilim Beige SW 6106
Latte SW 6108
Macadamia SW 6142
Mannered Gold SW 6130
Meadow Trail SW 7737
Meadowlark SW 7522
Mega Greige SW 7031
Mindful Gray SW 7016
Mineral Deposit SW 7652
Natural Choice SW 7011
Naval SW 6244
Network Gray SW 7073
Origami White SW 7636
Oyster Bay SW 6206
Passive SW 7064
Patience SW 7555
Pearly White SW 7009
Peppercorn SW 7674
Polar Bear SW 7564
Popular Gray SW 6071
Practical Beige SW 6100
Pure White SW 7005
Relaxed Khaki SW 6149
Repose Gray SW 7015
Requisite Gray SW 7023
Restrained Gold SW 6129
Retreat SW 6207
Rhinestone SW 7656
Rice Grain SW 6155
Roycroft Suede SW 2842
Rustic City SW 7699
Safari SW 7697
Sand Dollar SW 6099
Sea Salt SW 6204
Shoji White SW 7042
Silver Strand SW 7057
Silvermist SW 7621
Silverpointe SW 7653
Smokehouse SW 7040
Snowbound SW 7004
Snowfall SW 6000
Softened Green SW 6177
Stonebriar SW 7693
Straw Harvest SW 7698
Svelte Sage SW 6164
Sycamore Tan SW 2855
Tidewater SW 6477
Toasted Pine Nut SW 7696
Tony Taupe SW 7038
Toque White SW 7003
Tree Branch SW 7525
Tricorn Black SW 6258
Universal Khaki SW 6150
Unusual Gray SW 7059
Urban Putty SW 7532
Urbane Bronze SW 7048
Useful Gray SW 7050
Virtual Taupe SW 7039
Warm Stone SW 7032
Watery SW 6478
Web Gray SW 7075
Westhighland White SW 7566
Whirlpool BM 1436
White Duck SW 7013
White Flour SW 7102
Windsor Greige SW 7528
White Heron SW 7627
Wool Skein SW 6148
Worldly Gray SW 7043
Zircon SW 7667
Zurich White SW 7626



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