Extraordinary Color Experience!

Lori’s approach to specifying & explaining colour, is direct & evidence based. Her depth of knowledge is only matched by her generous, spirited drive, to provide colour information of the highest quality and an extraordinary ability to share it with others. If you have made it this far to find Lori – you are in for an extraordinary colour experience!

Colette Harrison
Designer / Color Consultant

The Best Investment I have made in myself.

Thank you so much for creating THE FOUR PILLARS OF COLOR.  This has been the best investment I have made in myself.  Where I had struggles and doubts, I now have confidence and a broader vision.  The possibilities are endless in creating a beautiful palette from which to work and create.  Being able to work with those elements that are not going to change while creating a design that is fresh and beautiful is priceless.

Combining art and science makes us stronger and more confident in all areas of design. You have given us a strong platform from which to create.

Thank you again!  I am looking forward to diving deeper.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Color Enthusiast/Artist

Best course and best Instructor I’ve had in my 27 years in business!

Gail Mayhugh
Interior Designer / Color Consultant
GMJ Interiors

I had an opportunity to use *Color DNA to specify a color before I had even finished the course!

Generally, I only specify color if I’m standing in the actual space and can see how the color will behave. However, if a color just needs tweaking (and sure enough, the client had already tried darkening the paint formula only to find that it went flat), this course shows you how to use color notations to choose lighter/darker/more chromatic options for a client to test right away. A valuable tool in a color designer’s toolbox!

Ellen Divers, Interior Designer
IACC-NA Chairperson

*Color DNA references color data values and notations like hue, value and chroma

Dear Lori,

It’s taken me nearly 4 weeks to write this message.

My mind has been running at absolutely, full-pelt, since I stumbled over your work via Pinterest.

Whilst listening to your YouTube video, a memory-picture, burst into my mind from a book I read 45 years ago! (I am 52) The book was The Emperor’s New Clothes. And you are that kid on her Father’s shoulders!!

I was stood in my kitchen, washing up, thinking, ‘this woman is just sat there, calmly, clearly and simply, turning my whole colour world upside down!’ I couldn’t believe how much sense it all made. You were offering the structure, that would allow me the freedom to experiment & play with colour, confidently!

Colette in Sale, Manchester, England

Paint Color Undertones are the Emperors new clothes
Artwork by Artist Olga Demidova | https://www.nbillustration.co.uk/portfolios/olga-demidova/
HUGE value!

I’ve found this course, and Lori’s continued info/support, to be a HUGE value to my expertise. Her course is the best money I’ve spent on Color!

Kris Porter
Creative Director and Master Trainer
Styling and Staging

My Eyes Have Been Opened!

I have been hanging out at Camp Chroma this summer and discovered what everyone out there is calling an undertone is really an overtone. And it is measurable, not subjective. My eyes have been opened!

Terri Lind Davis
Interior Designer

I’ve learned so much from this course!

As a pianist teaches students the art/science of music, Lori teaches her students the art/science of color. As an experienced color strategist, her lessons, handouts and exercises are invaluable.

I’ve learned so much from this course and cannot wait for the next one! Thanks so much, Lori. You’ve done a FANTASTIC job. I’ve really learned a great deal and am most grateful.

Michael Foster
Interior Designer

5 Stars for Lori’s Camp Chroma Course!

5 Stars for Lori’s Camp Chroma Course “Four Pillars of Color”! I am a Certified Image Consultant and Color Analyst and took Lori’s course to expand my color knowledge and apply it to my personal color analysis sessions and training. I found value in the course even though I am not an interior designer. Some of it was review and some of it was new.

Lisa K. Ford AICI CIC
Certified Image Consultant & Color Analyst
Owner of Invent Your Image

Practical methods to fine-tune color specification!

Camp Chroma is a wonderful tool that rounded out my existing color knowledge. Coming from a fine art background, and currently a color consultant, my previous color education had been color theory, color psychology, physiology of human color perception, and years of experience in the field working with paint colors.

Camp Chroma added a new element that clarifies the properties that make up a color, and taught me practical methods to really fine-tune the specification process.  It has also given me a language – based on measurable elements of color – to use with my clients (many of whom are engineers, scientists, and accountants).  They really appreciate that over my previous “artsy” lingo!

The video lessons are clearly presented and easy to use, and aside from being experienced and knowledgeable, Lori is a very encouraging cheerleader who is always accessible for a question or comment.  I’m a proud and happy camper!

Suzi Kades
4 Walls Color Design

Finally, a color training program that uses the scientific method of explaining how color works!

As a design professional, I was truly impressed with the color training I received from Lori Sawaya of Camp Chroma. This was my third training on color.

Finally, a color training program that uses the scientific method of explaining how color works based on an established color system that skips all the subjective talk about undertones that leaves everyone feeling confused.

Color is complex and this training finally explains color data so you can make informed decisions based on the science, rather than on subjective opinion or color sense.

Lori is also a great and generous teacher who provides continuing support through her Facebook group page and ongoing group calls. I am confident now that I can bring a whole new level of expertise to help my client’s select great colors for their homes thanks to this training! Highly recommended!

Mary Ann Benoit
Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

​So freaking easy compared to previous agonies in choosing paint colors.

“The Rosetta Stone for architectural color.”

I’m not sure how I found you. Almost a year ago I was having an awful time getting my living room colors right so I was poking around on the internet trying to figure out how one translates basic color theory into paint choices–which pretty much turns out to be a fool’s errand. Figuring out how to come up with an analogous or split complementary scheme, say, when the paint companies don’t tell you where their colors fall on the color wheel was my dilemma. Somewhere along the way I stumbled onto your land of color website. At last! The Rosetta Stone for architectural color.

I read Munsell (omg!). I bought a color muse. I bought Glidden’s Master Color Palette fandeck. I restudied your blog posts. It was all a bit dense and intimidating but light dawned and I fixed my living room. Woohoo!

A few months later I needed to paint my back hallway which has five doors in it. I wanted to do a black, white and grey scheme. The adjoining room was 50BB on the master palette. Took me 5 minutes to work out the black, greys and whites to use–all at 50BB. It turned out gorgeous. My wife flipped. So freaking easy compared to previous agonies in choosing paint colors.

Then last month we purchased a 1957 Ranch style house which hasn’t been remodeled since 1965. Our goal is to restore it to it’s vintage glory. That means getting all the colors just right for the period, while making sure they all coordinate with each other.Unfortunately, many of those period colors don’t quite land on the master color palette. Sure I can use Sherwin Williams Holiday Turquoise but how do I choose the right coordinating neutrals, etc? Back to the land of color for a deeper dive. Back to the blog posts. Learning how to actually use the color muse. Learning how to use easyrgb. Learning LCH. More knowledge. More understanding.

Finally I decided to take the plunge and do Camp Chroma.

What do I want from the course? I want the ability and tools to be able to make my 1957 ranch style home a vintage work of art from a color standpoint. Something that just knocks people’s socks off. People should feel like they walked onto the set of Mad Men or Bye Bye Birdie or Lover Come Back, etc.

And then I’ll tackle our 1925 bungalow (a rental property).I’m 53 years old. I live in Belleair, FL (near Tampa). I have done a fair amount of web and email design over the years. Color in the computer/graphic design world is comprehensible.

Architectural color is freaking bonkers. Or it used to be. THANK YOU for making sense out of it!

Kevin F.

Color Theory – Logically

I am very pleased I took the Camp Chroma course. Lori explains color theory in a logical way and does not give up until you understand it. I look forward to the next class.

Ken Rogenski
Old House Guy, LLC

Real Color Science in Digestible Bites

I’ve been very fortunate to have had two extraordinary color mentors with very different points of view. The first, way back in the 1980’s, was Joanne C. Day of the Day Studio-Workshop in San Francisco, a school for decorative painters. From Joanne I learned basic design and color theory and how to mix paint and glazes using Benjamin Moore paints, Cal-Tints, Japan paints and chemicals to create extraordinary finishes using a wide variety of materials, tools and techniques.

But there remained huge gaps in my knowledge of color that I kept trying unsuccessfully to fill, until one day I found Lori Sawaya and the Land of Color. I read everything. More than once. But it didn’t all come together until Lori created Camp Chroma and I was able to systematically learn the basics of real color science in digestible bites and apply that knowledge to my work.

Lori has a gift for teaching and a no-fault, encouraging approach. She explains things clearly and is patient and good-humored. It does take a little work for everything to click, but when it does, the feeling of confidence you have in your color recommendations is well worth the effort to acquire it.

I highly recommend Lori Sawaya and Camp Chroma and look forward to continuing my studies as future modules become available.

Sandy LeRoy
Sterling Property Services

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Am I seeing this color right?

You can stop second guessing what you think a color looks like.

The Color Strategist Color Wheel is an invaluable color tool that tells you what hue family a color belongs to.

Get the color wheel, plus instructions for how to use it for FREE when you subscribe to Camp Chroma.

The Color Strategist Color Wheel by Lori Sawaya