Color Strategist

What is a Color Strategist?

A certified Color Strategist uses a modern approach to architectural color design that includes color data values (color DNA) to get color right. Color data values and color notations define and describe the psychophysical dimensions of color, which are Hue, Value, and Chroma.

Here at Camp Chroma we refer to the psychophysical dimensions of color and LRV as The Four Pillars of Color™ and they are the focus of our online course – it’s online and on demand and you can enroll any time.

What’s important to note is the data doesn’t apply itself. It requires a creative human linchpin because while those notations describe and define color, they do not prescribe what to *DO* with a color. Instead, a color designer is needed to bring the colorimetric data together, analyze it, and then create a color design plan that is both human supportive and aesthetically pleasing. Color notations provide an incredibly useful framework for the creative eye; they bring organization, efficiency, and strategy to the process of choosing color so it’s fun – like it should be! Using the framework of hue, value, chroma and LRV, puts an end to the confusion and chaos so many experience choosing color for the built environment. Certified Color Strategist

 Color Strategist Training and Certification

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